Application Questions:

Q.  With what organization are you associated?
A.  We have an agreement with US Amateur Basketball and are running their background checks nationwide.  If you are not with US Amateur Basketball, please check with your organization as to what is necessary for you as a coach.

Q. My credit card was declined but my bank has pulled the money out.
A. More than likely your bank has put a hold on the funds and they will be released after 8:00 p.m.

Q. My credit card was declined so I tried it again and again and now my bank shows the money has been pulled out each time.
A. More than likely your bank has put a hold on the funds and they will be released after 8:00 p.m. and returned to your account.   If you applied after 8:00 p.m. one day, your funds will not be returned to your account until 8:00 p.m. the next day.

Q. I paid twice.  Why did I not get a refund?
We pay credit card fees for each transaction and are trying not to raise the cost to all coaches.  We must charge for any costs, plus handling.  Email is checked after hours during the season and we will respond to you as soon as possible.  Email us rather than pay again.

Q. How long does the membership last?
A. Membership expires on July 31st of each year. After 8/1 you must reapply and pay your fee.

Q. Do I have to apply every year?
A. Yes.  Backgrounds must be completed each year.

Q. How long does it take to get my ID123 badge?

A. Your badge will be approved within 24 hours of your background being approved (You must have an approved background to get a badge).  They do not go through automatically.

Q.  Why does my badge get deactivated?
A.  All badges are deactivated on 7/31.  If you created multiple badges, we must deactivate the duplicates.  You may have 1 badge only.

Q. What type of offenses am I screened for in my background that would cause me to be ineligible to coach?
A. You are screened for a criminal background check and rescreened monthly for one year.  We do not deny most misdemeanors. Misdemeanors of violence (assault, battery, domestic violence) will be considered but may require a letter of appeal.    If you have a felony on your background check, you are ineligible until you complete an appeal and the appeal is approved.

Q.  Who has to have a background check?
A.  With US Amateur, anyone who coaches, assists at practices and games or game activities on a regular basis. You are permitted 3 coach/ bench personnel per team.   Our background screening does not guarantee that incidents of abuse or inappropriate behavior by the coach or other bench personnel will not occur, but it does screen individuals to prohibit those that have already demonstrated their inability to be positive role model.

Q. How do I know if a coach is approved?
A.  Ask to see their ID123 virtual ID on their phone. If they are approved in good standing they will have an active Badge. If active it says approved across the top, there is a flashing star in the bottom left corner and movement around the edges.  Pending is NOT approved. A badge without an animated star and edges is a screenshot, and not acceptable.

Q. What if I am denied?
A. In most cases you can appeal the decision. First, we will notify you by USPS that a discrepancy has appeared on your background check that may make you ineligible to coach.  You have 10 days to notify us if you believe that the violation is not yours.  A letter of denial will be mailed after the 10 days has expired.  You are not approved to coach during that time. If the charges are yours and you do not want to wait the 10 days, you may begin the appeal process as soon as you receive your first letter, or upon submission of your application if you know of charges against you. If you have a felony in your background, you will be required to file an appeal.  Please follow all directions on the appeal link to allow us to review your case as quickly as possible.  We have a committee that reviews each appeal.  Our goal is the safety of our children.

Offenses that are not approvable are sex offenses, domestic violence and felony offenses less than 3 years old. Fl. Statute says 3 years must pass since the last felony offense.

Q. When do I have to submit my application in order to be eligible to coach?
A. Applications submitted after Monday may not be approved to coach that weekend. Backgrounds can take up to 72 hours and in certain cases, they take even longer.  We cannot approve you to coach until we receive a clear background check.

Q. Why must I provide my social security number for my background check?
A.  Actually, your background check can be run using your date of birth, but it may not be as accurate. Your social security number along with your date of birth provide the most accurate background screen.  Screening based on name, date of birth, social security number and address is standard throughout the background screening industry. The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) is a federal statute that outlines the basic laws for background screening.

Q. How safe is it to complete my application online?
A.  Very safe.  Of course, we cannot guarantee absolute safety of any data online, however, we take every precaution available.  Our forms (Formsite) use secure connections the same level as banks and other financial institutions and no sensitive data is collected through Formsite.  Your entries are also encrypted using the encryption standard adopted by the U.S. Government. Sterling Volunteers collects sensitive data.  You enter the data on their secure site. The Sterling Volunteers platform is extremely secure. Sterling Volunteers complies with all national and local regulations with respect to the storage and transmission of sensitive data and is hosted in ISO 27001-audited data centers. The Sterling Volunteers platform is audited regularly throughout the year with external vendors. These audits include a network perimeter security assessment, an application penetration test and a physical security assessment.

Online Badge 

Q. What do I need to know before I start my  Badge?
A.  Coaches will use THEIR phone to show the badge, therefore, create the badge on the phone the coach will use.  You are allowed one (1) badge per coach.   You cannot put several coaches on 1 phone.  The coach must use the email used with the background (not spouse’s or friend’s).   If there is an emergency during the tournament, we can contact the coach through his badge.

Q. What do I need to know about my photo?
A.  You must be easily identifiable.  This is about safety for our youth.
1.  The photo should be CLEAR.
2.   It should be light enough to see your face.
3.  NOTHING should be on your head or on your face.  No hats, sunglasses, masks, etc.
Please retake your photo  if any of these conditions are not met.  This isn’t a passport, but please treat it as such.  We are doing our best to keep the tournaments safe, we appreciate you doing yours.

Q.  My badge was rejected.  
A.  Check email for a message, or a message is included in the rejection.

Q. My badge is pending. 
A. Did you complete the background check?  If your background is not approved, your badge remains pending.  Please allow at least 24 hours after approval of your background.  We verify badges as soon as possible, but it is done manually so please all time.

Q. What if I do not have my badge before I go to a tournament?
A.  All tournament directors have access to a list of approved coaches.  If your background check is not complete, we do our best to put you on the list of approved coaches for your first tournament.

Q. What is the process to get a  badge?

A. 1.Apply on our website and pay the non-refundable fee.

2. You will be directed to complete your background check.  Once your background is approved, we will email you directions for the new ID 123 badge process.

Q. When does my name appear on the list of members?
A.  As soon as we receive an approval on the background, your name is added to the list of coaches, often within the same day of application.

Q.  I coach more than one team, do I need an ID 123 badge for each team?
A.  No.  You will be assigned to the one team that you list.  Remember, there is a limit of 3 coaches per team.

Q.  I applied and paid but did NOT get referred to Sterling to run my background.
A.  Email info@acasports.net and let them know.   Do not pay again.They will have Sterling send you an “invitation” to run your background.  Backgrounds must be run within 72 hours of receiving the invitation.

Q.  I got a Virtual Badge before they went out of business and it is approved. Will it work?
A.  No.  Delete the Virtual Badge app from your phone and get the ID123 Badge which is who US Amateur will be using for the 2023-2024 season.

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