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The American Coaches Association was established in 2004 with the purpose of providing services to help protect our youth, and providing coaches the needed tools.



The purpose of the American Coaches Association, Inc. (ACA) is to help maintain the highest standards in the coaching profession and to further the best interest of sports for it’s membership as well as the players and all that participate. To promote and maintain the highest standards of ethics and sportsmanship among players, coaches, and spectators. To promote a program of continuous education for professional development. To unify coaches in issues pertaining to their sport in all levels.

Admission to Coaching Clinics provided to membership in your geographic region. Reduced Registration fee to other National Recognized Coaches Clinics throughout the United States. Admission to all tournaments that are part of the Florida State Championship Series. A forum for members to present problems, ideas, and recommendations for improvements. An opportunity to purchase coaches aides, equipment, books, publications, films and apparel at discounted rates.

  • Applications for membership will not be accepted at tournaments.
  • Officials will not start the game until an ACA certified coach is represented on the bench for both teams.
  • Applications received after Monday are not guaranteed to be added to the current weekend’s list of approved coaches.
  • Coaches are required to watch the online video provided by the CDC about concussions and found on our membership page.
  • We encourage all coaches to visit the CDC website and take their online training course on concussions.
  • Temporary badges will ONLY be issued to coaches that have a cleared background check.
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