Background Policy Check

Any person wishing to coach or participate as bench personnel with US Amateur Basketball must complete an ACA application and pass a criminal background check.  All requested information must be complete, honest, and include your social security number, date of birth and a photo.  All background checks must be complete prior to coaching as required by Florida Statutes.

If a felony conviction is discovered (regardless of the age of the offense), you will be notified by mail of the offense and given the opportunity to appeal.  Most offenses can be appealed by following our appeal process.  All factors are considered with the appeal such as the age of the offense, number of offenses, and what has happened since the offense.    All papers are kept confidential.  We follow Florida Statutes as to what should be contained in the appeal letter.

Any applicant that does not answer application questions honestly, or misrepresents themselves with false information will not be approved regardless of the nature or degree of the offense.

Our purpose is to provide a safe environment for the youth in the US Amateur program.  All coaches that have been approved have been issued an ACA card or are on the list of approved coaches and given a temporary pass.